About ICCC Montreal

Ireland and Quebec share a rich history. The Canadian province has long been a destination for emigrating Irish, many of whom arrived in Montreal in the 1840s. By the end of the 1600s, it is believed that roughly 5% of families in New France were Irish. Entrepreneurial Irish were present in Montreal as early as 1761.


Founded in 1991, Montreal’s Ireland-Canada Chamber of Commerce enjoys the distinction of being the first ICCC chapter established in Canada.

The Chamber seeks to enhance and increase commercial links between Irish and Quebec businesses. From its inception, ICCC Montreal has adhered to the tenet that the Chamber covers the entire island of Ireland and is non-sectarian and non-political.

What We Do

Trade Committee

Canada-Ireland Trade

The mission of ICCC Montreal's trade committee is to build and develop strong relationships with partners at home and abroad. It seeks to become a go-to resource for both Irish and global enterprises, whether it be inward or outbound investment to / from Quebec.



Business & Pleasure

✓ Meetings and Receptions
✓ Informal Networking (Pub Quiz, Christmas and Cocktail parties etc)
✓ Conferences & Webinars
✓ Connection to other Chambers of Commerce


Other Services

✓ Information and Insight
✓ Personal and Professional Development
✓ Promotion
✓ Irish Community Events
✓ Influence


President’s Message

"Our mission is to foster trade and commerce between Ireland and Canada and to promote our members’ business interests. We are working hard to do this, but we need your support. If you can contribute your time and skills, we can certainly use your help. In the meantime, attend one of our virtual events, tell the Irish Montrealers in your network about the Chamber and help keep it active and relevant. We look forward to the day we can gather together again, in person."

Paul Dunne

ICCC President