Trade Committee


Build and develop strong relationships with partners at home and abroad to become the focal point as a resource for both Irish and global enterprises, whether it be inward or outbound investment to / from Quebec.


1. Establish contacts with development agencies both in Montreal/Quebec and Ireland;

2. Leverage government and agency contacts in Quebec to collate information relevant to outbound Irish businesses / industries regarding Quebec as a place of business;

3. Gather interest from Ireland government agencies and embassy;

4. Establish contact with other Irish chambers of commerce to look at best practices;

5. Promote business within members of various Irish Chambers that is relevant to the mission of the Trade Committee (immigration, language, legal, banking, tax and advisory, cultural etc); and

6. Be involved in inbound/outbound Irish investments (target corporate investment).

The committee is headed up by Ms. Marie-Jeanne Phelan, lawyer at McCarthy Tétrault.

For further details, please contact Marie-Jeanne at