Welcome to the Ireland-Canada Chamber of Commerce in Montreal!

Montreal Photo credit Walid Amghar

Ireland and Quebec share a rich history that far precedes the 1991 founding of our Montreal Chamber. Because of its geographic location, Quebec was for many years a destination for Irish immigrants to Canada, many of whom arrived in Montreal in the 1840s.

That the original flow between the two countries tended to consist of human capital can be readily seen in today’s Quebec. A 2016 census of Canada revealed that 5.46% of Quebecers were of Irish descent although this figure does not include the many French-speaking Québécois of Irish ancestry.

The first ICCC in Canada

Today, Ireland and Quebec share many things in common including history, values, and work practices, which together with a number of bilateral agreements in areas such as research and development, make Irish and Canadian companies natural partners. Canada receives almost 25% of Ireland’s foreign direct investment abroad, while Ireland is the fifth-largest recipient of Canadian investment.

The Montreal chapter, which has the distinction of being the first established ICCC in Canada, was founded in 1991 with the aim of enhancing and increasing commercial links between Irish and Quebec businesses. From its inception, the ICCC has adhered to the tenet that the chamber covers the entire island of Ireland and is non-sectarian and non-political.

Mission & Membership

A non-profit organization, the ICCC brings together Irish and Quebec businesses for the purpose of exploring opportunities, making contacts and maximizing personal development goals. Our strategic focus lies in the newly launched trade committee, which will become a Quebec-based resource for commerce and investment between Ireland and Quebec.

ICCC membership is open to public and private sector organisations ranging from large corporations and government agencies to small and medium enterprises as well as individual professionals and students. Our members represent all facets of the business community including accountancy firms, art galleries, bankers, consultants, distributors, language schools, legal advisers, marketing firms, mining companies, retailers, wealth management advisors, wind energy developers and various other sectors.

We maintain close links not only with our sister chapters in Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, but also with the Ireland Canada Business Association in Dublin, government agencies in all of Ireland and Canada, and European Union government agencies and chambers.