Celebrating 30 years with a revamped website!

Published Date: April 14th, 2021

Author: Michelle Sullivan

ICCC Montreal’s new website is a breath of fresh air for our volunteer communications team and, we hope, for our Chamber’s membership. What better way to celebrate ICCC Montreal’s 30th anniversary? We now have a modern, effective online platform through which to announce upcoming events, share member news, offer resources and renew memberships. Along with this revamp comes the launch of a new LinkedIn page to accompany our LinkedIn group, as well as a new purpose for our Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

ICCC Montreal website homepage

Members only section:
With a new website comes both public-facing and members-only content. We’ll be putting our best foot forward and sharing insight with the public online, while ensuring our members have exclusive access to reports, archived webinars and other resources. The public will hear about our activities and discover our members, but will need to join our Chamber to get the insider’s advantage and special member benefits.

Member visibility:
ICCC Montreal corporate and individual members have many opportunities for visibility, whether it be on our home page, our business directory, or through our newsletter and social networks. Be sure to check out our brand new blog for member updates and helpful articles. Do you have news to share? Send your announcements and photos to Michelle Sullivan and James Fitzgerald at office@icccmtl.com. We want to hear from you. Better yet, we want to talk about you!

Business directory:
Corporate and individual members will be promoted through the public-facing side of our website. Our business directory is presented in a way that is easy to consult and update. Please take the time to check your business listing and let us know if any adjustments are needed by completing the online form accessible through the members’ section. Stay tuned for details of a national directory, currently in development.

Event listings:
Register for upcoming events through our website, and enjoy photos of past events. Registration will be done through Eventbrite and we’ll promote all events through our social networks and directly to our members by email. Miss a webinar? Not a problem. Where possible, events will be recorded and archived in the members’ section for on-demand viewing. If you’d like to recommend a speaker, reach out to ICCC Vice-President Carol McCormick at contact@icccmtl.com

Membership subscription and renewal:
No more struggling to renew your membership! Our new website leverages PayPal to allow you to become or remain a member of ICCC Montreal, and you can use it to pay by credit card. Questions? Contact Paul Dunne directly at treasurer@icccmtl.com.

Your ICCC Montreal Board of Directors:
Discover the volunteer board working hard to make sure you get the most out of your ICCC Montreal membership, whether it be through the organization of events and trade missions or the development and sharing of important resources. Need support? We’re here to help open doors and share insight. Reach out to us at contact@icccmtl.com

Strategic partnerships for a successful website relaunch:
The ICCC Montreal Board’s choice of partners for the website revamp project was a strategic one; we wanted to ensure we were benefiting from deep expertise while getting an excellent return on investment. It was important that our website not only be attractive and user friendly, it also had to be strong from an SEO perspective. We built a team of talented collaborators who helped us accomplish all these objectives.

Setanta Solutions Inc. is an Ottawa-area based Managed Service Provider chosen not only for its proven track record, but also because we were able to benefit from economies of scale: Setanta had just redesigned ICCC Ottawa’s website and was able to use this existing architecture and template as a basis for our redesign. Thanks to this advantage, and the skill of web designer Princess Rada and Setanta Solutions co-founder and Irish Canadian Robert Salm, we were able to launch a quality website at a cost of less than 50% of that of competitor quotes. Visit setanta.ca.

Those cost savings allowed us to secure the important services of Socialed Inc., a digital marketing consultancy managed by Montreal SEO and content marketer CT Moore. Their work ensures that we will preserve our existing Google ranking while helping us develop new strategies so that our content gets more visibility than ever before. We want to attract a dynamic community of Irish Montrealers to our Chamber, while promoting member news, products and services to a wide audience online. Socialed will give us the tools to do just that. Visit socialed.ca.

For comments, suggestions or questions about our revamped website and social networks, please contact Michelle Sullivan at office@icccmtl.com.

ICCC Montreal online:

Website: icccmtl.com
LinkedIn page: linkedin.com/company/icccmtl
LinkedIn group: linkedin.com/groups/1932656
Facebook: facebook.com/icccmtl
Twitter:  @ICCC_MTL
Byline: Michelle Sullivan
Michelle Sullivan Communications