ICCC 30th Anniversary Flashback

Published Date: April 14th, 2021

Author: Michelle Sullivan

ICCC 30th anniversary photo collage

As we look back on 30 years of ICCC Montreal, we share this excerpt from an interview with then head of communications and former ICCC Vice-President Ruth Hanna, published by our good friends at the St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal in the November 2014 issue of Nuacht. Among all the accomplishments listed, the article mentions that ICCC had just launched its website the September prior. Keep an eye on the ICCC Montreal blog for more gems like these, as we reflect on 30 years of events, guests, trade missions and advocating for improved Ireland-Canada business relations and conditions.

Why did/does the Montreal-Irish community need a chamber of commerce?
How are you different from other Irish organizations?

Back in 1991, the mandates of Montreal’s many Irish organisations ranged from sporting, to political, cultural, language, religious and musical, but none offered a business angle. A group of four Irish nationals felt the need to set up a business association to foster trade and investment between Ireland and Quebec in addition to serving to promote members’ own businesses. The organisation transitioned into the Montreal chapter of the Ireland-Canada Chamber of Commerce, which now forms part of a Canada-wide network of chambers. For twenty-three years, the ICCC has been the respected voice for Quebec-Ireland trade and commerce.

Unlike some Irish organisations in Montreal, the ICCC has been non-sectarian and non-political from its inception. It is probably the Montreal-Irish organisation that entertains the strongest, direct links with its counterpart organisation and government agencies in Ireland. All of its presidents to date have been Irish nationals. In contrast with most Montreal-Irish organisations, we hold year-round activities. And, to the best of our knowledge, the ICCC is the only Irish organisation in Montreal that is part of a national network.

How do you imagine the Irish-Montreal business community evolving over the next 30 years? Pop over to Facebook to share your best predictions in the comment thread of our 30th anniversary post. Let’s dream a little!