New member: Martin Kilmartin, Software engineer

Published Date: April 20th, 2021

Author: ICCC Montreal Office

A warm welcome to Martin Kilmartin, a multilingual software engineer with 20+ years of experience. His professional focus includes software engineering, web and database technologies, quality assurance, organization, team leadership, problem solving and onboarding. In 2020, he completed a successful nine-year tenure as a Senior Software Engineer with Air Canada. Directing on-shore and off-shore development teams, Martin oversaw the development and deployment of high-quality software. He onboarded and mentored new team members while identifying and mitigating inefficient processes and technical vulnerabilities.

Martin Kilmartin Software Engineer LocalPro

Currently, Martin is developing (and, a SaaS business development platform for self-employed and micro-businesses. In the prototyping stage, Martin’s participation in the Department of Foreign Affairs Emigrant Support Programme, Back For Business, brings valuable guidance in getting the platform to market.

We’re pleased to have you join the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce – Montreal, Martin!