Ruth Hanna

Published Date: November 2nd, 2023

Author: ICCC Montreal Office


Ruth Hanna is a financial communications professional with international expertise leading investor relations, corporate communications, financial journalism, and marketing. More than a third of her career has been spent developing and communicating compelling investment cases for mining companies operating in Africa. Currently, she manages investor relations and communications for Aya Gold & Silver.

Ruth, who speaks five languages and has lived in seven countries, received her bachelor’s degree (B.A. Arts (Hons)) from University of Salford. Originally from county Armagh, she emigrated to Canada in the summer of ’99. Since then, Ruth has been an active volunteer, serving on the boards of the Québec chapter of the Canadian Investor Relations Institute, the St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal, and the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce.

Ruth lives in Montréal with her Swedish husband and family, within easy reach of the largest IKEA in Canada.

She was elected President of ICCC Montreal in June 2023.